Utilizing Tasks

This video will demonstrate the workflows that can be used when assigning and working through tasks. It will explain the different types of statuses for a task and how to close out the task once it has been completed and approved.




Timeline of Video

00:08 – main binder view screen

00:12 – direct to global view

00:19 – present option of choosing binder

00:25 – click on pending tasks tab, hover over tasks and see specific details

00:45 – go into document with 2 pending tasks

01:00 – workflow of uploading a new version to work on a task, email them a reminder, or remove who was assigned to the task (ending as in progress)

02:25 – workflow of completing task

02:45 – details pop-ups that appear after creating task

03:00 – description of what admin/who assigned task can do once a document has been “completed” (they can close or switch back to in progress)

03:46 – description of what reports show about tasks


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