What Reports can I run?

Quickly see the status of critical Documents and Tasks across one or more Binders using the integrated reporting module. Generate Reports for the following areas:

  • Due Dates
  • Expiration Dates
  • Signatures – Completed
  • Signatures – My Queue
  • Signatures – Pending
  • Tags
  • Tasks – Closed
  • Tasks – My Queue
  • Tasks - Pending

To run a Report, click the "Reports" menu on the left side of your screen. Next, select the Report type and choose the Binder(s) you want to view in the Report. The example below shows a Tag Report for the "Site Info" Tag across a single Binder.

Some of the columns in the Report may be sortable. Click on the column header in the Report to sort the column. If your Report is longer than one page, you can use the page numbers at the bottom of the Report to navigate through the pages.

Note: The Reports you can generate are based on your Permissions.

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