Is there a way to quickly contact my team members from eBinder Suite?

Yes. Email Smart Links provide a quick and easy way to send an email directly to other Users requesting a status update, clarification, or friendly reminder about a pending Task or Signature Request.

There are two ways to use Email Smart Links:

Option 1. If your default mail client is set up, simply click the blue email address and the mail client will automatically open a new email.

Option 2. If your default mail client is not set up, copy the email address, open your mail client, and paste in the address.

Note: This request process is not maintained or tracked inside the Florence eBinder Suite™. To track and maintain requests, we recommend Teams use built-in workflow features such as Tasks and Request Signature. Request Signature options allow Users to resend a Signature Request, if desired.

For more information on how to use Tasks and Request Signatures, please see: How do I create and assign tasks to team members? or How can I utilize electronic signatures?

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