October 6, 2017: General Tips and Tricks


This Office Hours Session gave demos and tips/tricks for the following features:

  • Password Reset
    • After 5 attempts your account will be locked for 15 minutes.
    • If you can't remember or think you forgot your password, you might want to go ahead and reset it so you don't get locked out. 
    • If you get locked out, your password will need to be reset regardless.
  • Communications Binder
    • How to store the body of an email and its attachment into eBinders.
    • You can save your eBinders location as a contact in your email client for future use.
    • Bulk moving items into sub folders so you can organize communications by month without having to change the contact in your email.
  • New Text Editor
    • How to Use the new "X" feature to quickly fill out check boxes right in eBinders.
    • AlertMe allows you to be notified when a Signature has been completed. 
    • You can add text into the exact same spot on each page using the Propagate to All Pages option.
  • Global View
    • You can now further divide Global View by Binders to get a closer look into your studies.
    • You can create bookmarks of Global View so every time you log in, the exact same Global View format will appear. 
  • Reports
    • You can send Bulk Signature and Task Reminders to those individuals who have pending Signatures or Tasks.
    • You can work through all of your pending Tasks using the browser back button.
  • Folder Templates
    • You can upload templates into Folders just like you do with the Import Folder Structure feature into Binders.
    • This will allow for reuse of patient Folder setups for multiple studies. 
  • Linking/Creating Shortcuts 
    • Will allow you to store Documents in multiple places, but you only have to update the original and it will trickle down to all the other locations. 
  • Permissions Overview
    • Allows you to see what certain Roles or Users have access to.
    • Can make sure they are assigned the exact items they need and not any the don't need.
  • Manage My Notifications/Email Digest
    • You can create your own personal alerts to your email which will let you know when things expire, are due, or if you have any pending signatures or tasks. 
  • Need Help Section
    • New Video Tutorials and Community section which consists of webinars, blog posts, and articles from us.
    • New Chat option in bottom right of "Need Help?" page.
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