December 1, 2017 : MS Office Online Integration


This Office Hours Segment focused on 2 new and upcoming features to Florence eBinders: Microsoft Office Integration and Form Completion in the Document Viewer. Both are premium features, and you should contact our team if you have questions about how to get these features available for you. The video also showed a feature currently in Production and available to our customers already which is a Placeable Signature. This allows you to place a Signature anywhere on your Document. The video demonstrated the following:

Microsoft Office Online

  • Sign Up/Sign In using Microsoft Credentials
  • How to Access a Document in Office Online 
  • How to Save Changes
  • Troubleshooting Issues or Problems
    • Log In Issues should be fixed via Microsoft
    • Interent connection can affect your ability to view the document
    • Correct File Type of Document is being used
  • Tip and Tricks
    • You can view the File Types allowed in Office online by clicking here.
    • If a document is the wrong File Types, you can always download it and save it as a different File Type that is more compatible. 


Form Completion in Document Viewer

  • What Does this Form Look Like?
  • How to Fill Out this Form
  • How to Sign


Placeable Signature

  • How to Place Signature on Document 



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