What is the eBinder Suite™ Printer?

The eBinder Suite™ Printer is a module that allows users to capture documents directly from applications in their desktop.  The eBinder Suite™ Printer works the same as any other physical printer that is installed in a local network, but with the difference that the documents sent to the printer will be delivered securely to the eBinder Suite™ web site.
The eBinder Suite™ Printer is supported on Windows 7, 8, and 10 and must be installed locally on authorized desktops in an organization.
Florence offers the eBinder Suite™ Printer as a Microsoft Installer package (.msi) that can be installed locally by a privileged user or remotely by a network administrator.
In order to pilot the eBinder Suite™ Printer, we suggest having an initial conversation with an IT associate to review a strategy for installation and distribution, and especially, to discuss the requirements of the printer and any potential conflicts with institutional security policies.
The technical requirements for the Florence eBinder Suite™ Printer are:
- Windows 7, 8, or 10
- Requires installation as an Administrator on each desktop
- Access to port 443 to domains 'researchbinders.com' and '*.researchbinders.com'
- Ability for the installer to create a Printer Driver on each desktop
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