How do I delete a Binder?

You may have noticed that when you try to delete a Binder, you receive a message that the Binder must be empty to delete it. To save your study files from accidental deletion, Florence eBinder Suite™ requires that Binders be emptied of all their contents before they are deleted.

There are a couple of different options for emptying a Binder of its contents. How you'll do this will be determined by your Binder and Folder structures.

Option 1: Delete Documents in Bulk in each Folder

You can choose to delete Documents in a single Folder in bulk by selecting the checking the boxes next to the Documents, then click the Delete link to remove all the contents of that Folder.

Option 2: Move all Documents into a top-level Folder and delete the Folder

If your Binder has multiple folders, you can use the "Move" function to move Folders in bulk into a top-level Folder.

1. Find the lower-level Folder(s) you want to move. Select the check box next to the name(s), then click the "Move" link.

2. In the Move pop-up window, select the highest-level Folder (in this instance "Top Level Folder"), then click the "Move" button to move the Folder(s).

3. Your Folder(s) will now be in the top-most level Folder. Simply delete the top-level Folder and all of its contents and your Binder will be empty.

Once your Binder is empty, you can delete it. To delete your Binder, check the box next to the name of the Binder you want to delete, then click the "Delete" link.

To permanently delete the Binder, confirm the name of the Binder you want to delete, then add a reason for the deletion. The reason will be listed in the Audit Trail. Then click the "Delete" button. Note: Your deletion will be permanent.

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