What's the best way to archive Documents?

There are two options for archiving Documents. The option you choose depends on whether you want to keep your Documents together or whether you want to create a separate archive.

Option 1: Archive Documents via the Version menu of the Document

To archive your Document using this method, simply upload the new version of the Document using the Version menu on the "Document Details" page. Click the "Version" button to open the drop-down menu, and upload a new version of the Document by selecting the "Upload a New Version" option.

Option 2: Create a separate archive Folder

If you prefer to keep archived versions separate, we recommend creating a new Folder or Sub-folder specifically for archiving purposes. Simply download the old version of the Document using the Manage menu on the "Document Details" page, then upload the Document to your newly created archive Folder. For more information on creating folders, please see: How do I create folders and placeholders?

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