Is there a way to set a new Expiration Date when uploading a new version of a Document?

Yes, when using the "Upload a New Version" feature on the "Document Details" page, you have the option to clear the expiration date for a Document.

1. Navigate to the "Document Details" page of the Document you want to upload. Select the "Version" button, then select "Upload a New Version" from the drop-down menu.

2. In the upload pop-up window, make sure that the box next to "Clear Expiration Date" is checked. This will allow you to set a new expiration date after you upload the new version of the Document.

3. To set a new Expiration Date, click the "Set Expiration Date" button in the left column on the "Document Details" page. For more information on setting expiration dates, please see: How do I set due dates and expiration dates for specific documents?

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