How do I import Documents using the Import via Email option?

Adding Documents to Folders using the Import via Email option is easy and takes just a couple of steps.

1. Navigate to the Folder, Sub-folder, or Placeholder that will hold the Documents. Note: The address will change for every location so make sure you navigate to your destination object. From the selected Folder/Placeholder page, click the "Import via Email" button located on the left side of your screen.

There are two ways to import your Documents via email.

Option 1: Manually paste the email address provided into your email client.

Highlight the address and right click (or CTRL + C) to copy the address, open your email client, then paste in the address into the "To" address bar.

Option 2: Click the "Open Default Mail Client" button

Clicking the "Open Default Mail Client" button will launch your default mail client with the "To" address bar pre-populated with the Florence eBinders address.

You can also paste the Florence eBinder address into the BCC address bar when sending the Document to a colleague or employee. This will send the Document to your colleague and simultaneously upload the Document to your chosen Florence eBinder Folder/Placeholder.


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