How do I use the Permission Overview to view and manage effective permissions?

First, navigate to the Permission Overview. There are four options to access the Permission Overview:

Option 1: Select the "Settings" drop-down menu and click on the "Permission Overview" link.

Option 2: Navigate to the Manage Roles page, select the box next to the Role you want to manage, then click the "Permission Overview" link.

Option 3: On the Manage Roles page, select the box next to the Role you want to manage, then click the "Manage Permissions" link. On the Manage Permissions page, scroll to the bottom and click the "Click here to see Folder and Document Permissions" link.

Option 4: Select the "Settings" drop-down menu, then click the "Manage Team Members" link. Select the desired Team Member to manage, then click the "Permission Overview" link.

Managing Effective Permissions

Once you have accessed the Permission Overview page, you can edit Effective Permissions.

1. View and manage Effective Permissions by selecting your desired filter box. Recall that there are four options: 

All Items

  • Includes ALL Objects in the Team, regardless of Permissions assigned
  • Useful for managing Permissions on Objects the User or Role does not currently have Permissions assigned for

Permitted Items

  • Includes only Objects the Role or User has access to
  • Replicates the Role or User's Global View

Directly Permitted Items

  • Highlights Objects the Role or User has direct Permissions on and will not include any that are inherited from higher-level Objects. For more information on Direct and Indirect Permissions, please see: What are Direct Permissions vs. Indirect Permissions?
  • Useful for pinpointing the locations where the Permission was assigned to assist in managing the Permission

Restricted Items

  • Includes all Binders but only Objects under the Binder the Role or User does NOT have access to
  • Click the "+" to expand and confirm Object restricted in each Binder

2. Click on the blue Object name displayed on the list. Use the "+" button to expand the tree to view lower-level Objects.

3. Effective Permissions on the Object for the Role/User will display in the pop-up in the left column, with a description of where the Permission was applied in the right column.

4. Click the "Edit" button to edit the Permissions on that Object.

5. Edit the Permissions and click the "Save" button to save your changes.

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