Object Level Permissions Training

This video goes over the Object Level Permissions feature, which allows Team Administrators to control access to Binders, Folders, and Documents. The first half of the video is dedicated to making sure the terms are defined and understood while the second half shows how to access and set these permissions within Florence eBinder. unnamed.png


Timeline of Video

01:40 – overview of definitions of user and roles

05:30 – overview of types of objects and permissions hierarchy

06:20 – detailed description of team level and binder level descriptions

07:15 – detailed description of folder level and document level descriptions

08:24 – description of direct permissions and indirect permissions

10:40 – overview of team level permissions, where they apply and how they are assigned

11:40 – overview of binder level permissions, where they apply and how they are assigned, permission update impact

13:00 – how to create permissions

13:50 – steps of managing permissions

15:50 – overview of folder level permissions, where they apply and how they are assigned, permission update impact

16:55 – overview of document level permissions, where they apply and how they are assigned, permission update impact

17:30 – steps of assigning permissions on document level

18:00 – what the permission overview is useful for, who can access it, how to access permission overview

19:47 – detailed description of the options for permission overview

20:35 – once arrive on permission overview, description of what you see, the user/role selector, binders (and modifying selection), and then filter boxes

21:48 – what the filter boxes mean (all items, permitted items, directly permitted items, and restricted items)

23:55 – overview of how to view and manage permissions, how to see which are direct or inherited

25:15 – how to edit permissions for the role or the user

25:27 – difference between direct and inherited permissions

26:15 – how to view permission updates in audit trail

27:35 – log in to eBinders to go through what was previously described

28:00 – binder view

28:15 – permissions overview page

28:45 – add permissions for the FDA investigator, overview of what you see when you select it

30:20 – view current permissions on a specific document

31:00 – demonstrate how to view direct permissions

31:55 – change current permission so that they can view folder

33:10 – see permissions for a particular user and change their permissions

34:48 – look at restricted items to see that the folder the user was removed from was actually removed from their view

35:30 – look at audit trail under manage team members page

36:10 – show the permissions that were removed from that user

36:30 – go from manage team members to a specific user’s permissions by selecting the user and permission overview and then give a description of what you see next

38:30 – go from looking at a user’s permission to a role’s permissions and then edit them from there

39:50 – description of pop-up message that extra permissions are needed for a particular option

41:10 – work flow of going into manage roles to permission overview

42:05 – how to edit binder permissions from the manage roles page

44:10 – look at audit trail to see changes in permissions and go back through permission overview to see the changes made before

50:35 – manage team profile page overview

51:10 – look at changes that were made in audit trail from manage team members, show how headers can filter the audit trail

52:10 – description of need help button and the different things that there are resources for

53:30 – changes that are going to be made to permissions on the manage roles section (separating team level and binder) and then create templates to save frequently used permissions


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