Role-Based Training for Coordinators

This video gives a basic training for site coordinators and the features they are mostly likely to use on a daily basis. These features include how to register and sign up, Global View, Document management with Tasks and Signatures, and using notifications and Reports. unnamed.png


Timeline of Video

00:20 – invitation to join team email

00:25 – work flow of registering and then signing into v2

00:35 – view of all teams you are on and then goes to binder view

01:00 – overview of the dropdown under user

01:40 – overview of global view

03:17 – training of uploading a document for a placeholder by browsing, dragging and dropping, and through importing by email

06:04 – set expiration date for a document

07:10 – document editing: managing document or editing document

08:00 – editing document by adding text

08:45 – highlight text on document

09:09 – stamping document

09:55 – redacting text on a document

11:00 – workflow of signing a document

11:55 – workflow of requesting a signature

12:58 – workflow of creating task for a document

13:47 – workflow of updating a task, changing the status (marking it in progress vs. completed vs. closed)

15:20 – managing notifications, setting frequencies

16:30 – workflow of looking at report to see what is needed of you and of your team members

17:30 – look at tasks that are pending for your team, and description of what each header means

18:25 – description of chat with us button and how to get further help

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