Role-Based Training for Monitors

This video demonstrates the features monitors would most frequently use and provides tips on how to utilize them. These features include getting registered, Global View, viewing Documents, and Audit Trails, and managing Tasks. unnamed.png


Timeline for Video

00:06 – invitation to join team email

00:23 – work flow of registering and then signing into v2

01:27 – signs in as a monitor with only permission to view one sites regulatory binder

01:40 – description of dropdown menu under settings

01:56 – description of dropdown menu under user name

02:50 – overview of global view, description of each button on it

04:11 – description of the tool tips of global view

04:50 – reports overview and description of reports that can be run

05:42 – view a document and see your options on it like downloading

06:25 – description of versioning and whether you can see it based on permissions

06:56 – description of document details

07:12 – overview of audit trails on documents

07:26 – overview of creating a tag on a document

08:11 – overview of creating a task on a document

09:01 – overview of audit trails for folders and binders and downloading audit trails

09:59 – how to receive further support

10:25 – navigating to the Need Help? page

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