eBinder Suite Workflow Training

This video demonstrates several different workflows within the tool and the best way to utilize these features. Workflows include Document management, eSignatures, DOA Log, training log, reporting to PIs, email correspondence, and managing access of Team members in the tool.  



Timeline of Video

00:35 – overview of video and the eBinder workflows

02:15 – Binder view and then go into folder view

03:01 – look at global view

03:10 – look at the docs that are due, and then look at when a doc is due and click on a specific document to fill the placeholder

03:40 – upload a new document, then go over what you can do with that document after uploading

04:15 – how to create tasks around a document

05:10 – signature workflow (request signature on a document, give a reason for signing

06:05 – email you receive if your signature is requested, and then go into sign that doc from the email

07:00 – sign a document, put in credentials and sign the document and then will keep forwarding you to other documents to sign

08:25 – workflow of going from binder view to DOA log

09:45 – create a task for someone to electronically edit the DOA log

09:30 – work on the DOA log electronically within the tool workflow

10:40 – task notification via email and then go from that to complete the task, by adding text to the DOA log

13:10 – request signature for DOA log

14:20 –training by keeping it study specfiic

14:35 – show master training log and using the audit trail to see who has viewed the log, create task by adding name to training log

15:30 – common training by keeping it in the central documents binder

16:00 – show training documents and show how you can make it study specific by duplicating the certificate into a study specific binder

17:15 – go in to source folder and then manage the folders to see the different documents with source, so look into something that seems significant, show the workflow of highlighting a part and then add text to see if something is clinically significant.  Save the version and then request signature to get the PI to review it

19:50 – import a document via email workflow

22:30 – email in a correspondence workflow

24:20 – manage roles workflow

25:30 – assign role to specific person under manage team members’

26:00 – remove all permissions for a person

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