Florence eBinder General Training

This video gives a brief overview of some of the features in Florence eBinder Suite. It includes tips and demonstrations for getting registered in the tool, navigating Global View, managing Documents, assigning Tasks and Tags, and viewing and downloading Audit Trails. 



Timeline of Video

01:24 – registration page for eBinders and how to sign up and confirm email

02:00 – log in page

02:24 – choose team to work in

02:35 – binder view within team

03:30 – dropdown under profile in top right corner

03:50 – dropdown under settings

04:10 – managing notifications

04:30 – link for global view on the left and then go to global view

05:00 – explaining the elements of global view

06:20 – go from global view to a document

06:35 – look at other versions of the doc

06:50 – tasks that you can do around a document (things under manage)

07:15 – show sign and go to next capabilities

08:00 – how you can edit a doc (add text, highlight, redact, and stamp)

08:35 – if you don’t have permission to view PHI and a document has been redacted, you won’t be able to see versions without redaction.

08:50 – set expiration date on a document

09:22 – how to import document: browse, drag files, or import via email

09:35 – create placeholder

09:45 – create due date for placeholder

10:26 – assign tag to document

11:25 – create task for a document

12:25 – view whole audit trail and explain what it means and how it works

13:35 – audit trail for entire binder

14:15 – what view would look like as a monitor

14:25 – restricted number of binders view for monitor

15:05 – view a document as a monitor (restricted permissions)

15:40 – need help? Overview

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