How is access to various Binders determined and managed?

Role and Permission management in Florence eBinder involves two different factors:

  1. Internal User Permissions that determine the trials to which a particular User has access, and
  2. Roles that pertain to Document visibility status that determine what parties can view a particular Document.

Accounts are configured by the Team Owner or Administrator, who can organize Users and accounts based on criteria such as the trial, site, and sponsor. Owners and Admins can set up eBinder accounts and access based on these conditions:

  • A User can be pre-authorized for access into eBinder by an Administrator.
  • Users do not have visibility in eBinder until they are associated with an account.
  • eBinder Users are associated with accounts to determine the trials to which they have access.
  • Most accounts correlate to trial sites.
  • There may be trial sponsors (monitors) who have limited or view-only access to multiple sites.

If you don't have access to a Binder and you feel you should, please contact your Team Owner or Administrator.

For specific information regarding Roles or permissions, see Roles & Permissions.

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