How do I view my available Binders?

If you are a member of multiple Teams, first select the Team you want to work with by clicking on the drop-drop underneath your name in the upper right corner of the page and select "Switch Teams." See How do I change which team I'm working on? for more detailed instructions on how to change Teams. 

Once you have selected your Team, there are three ways to view available binders associated with a particular clinical trial:

After logging into Florence eBinder Suite™, you will see a list of the Binders that you have access to. 

You can click on any of the Binders listed to view the contents of that Binder.

Binder access is determined by your Team Owner or Administrator.


All available Binders are displayed on the Global View screen, along with Binder data such as Task and Document status. Click on "Global View" on the left side of your screen to access the Global View page, and then click on "Choose Binder" to select from your available Binders. See What is Global View? for more information about Global View.


You can click on the "Binders" menu on the left side of your screen to access the Binder view page.

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