What are Folders and Placeholders? How do I use them?

Binders are made up of Folders, Sub-folders, Documents, and Placeholders. The tools within Florence eBinder Suite™ allow you to easily add and store Documents and to organize Folders and Documents in a way that provides high-level views of both completed and missing Documents.

One piece of data provided next to each Folder is the "count." This count represents the number of Documents that are complete within that Binder or Folder.

Placeholders are digital "sticky notes" that hold a place for an expected Document.

You can create and name Placeholders by following similar steps for creating individual Folders. Click on "Create Placeholder" at the top of your screen. Type the name of the new Placeholder in the box that appears, and then click on the "Create" button to finish creating your Placeholder.

Placeholders are distinguished from Documents by their differing icons.

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