How do I invite users to join my team?

Each individual participating in the collaboration will need to be invited to the Team by the Team Owner or Administrator.

If you have admin privileges, click on "Settings" next to your name in the upper right corner your screen. From the drop-down menu, select "Manage Team Members."


Click on "Add Members" to invite new Users. When you type the email address in the box provided, be sure to use the one that will serve as the User ID for each team member. Click the "Add" button after typing each email address. 

After you are finished adding new Users, click the "Send" button. Each User will then receive an email inviting them to join your Team. Unregistered Users will be prompted to register prior to viewing the Team's page.

Be sure to assign a Role to each new User so they can view and/or access the appropriate Binders and Documents. For detailed information about assigning Roles and permissions, see Roles & Permissions.


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