How do I download a Binder, Folder, or Document?

You can download all of the Documents within a Folder or Binder into a .ZIP file. To download the contents of a Binder or Folder, select the Binder or Folder and click "Download." All of the Documents will be downloaded, and the resulting .ZIP file will mimic the Folder structure.

Download functionality may be restricted based on the User Role. Download access is provided in the Roles module so that functionality can be limited to those Users who have authority to download items stored within the tool.

Documents that have not been modified using the annotation tools (Add Text, Highlight, Stamp, or Redact) can be downloaded in their native formats. This means a Document uploaded as a Word document will be downloaded as a Word document. Documents from some programs, such as Excel, may appear distorted in the Document viewer, but upon download they will maintain their Excel formatting as long as they have not been annotated.

Users with access to PII downloads can download previous versions of Documents that have been redacted. The original uploader can also download versions of Documents prior to redaction. In these scenarios, Users may be able to download a previous version of a Document in its original format (e.g., Excel) prior to the application of the annotation tools, which convert Documents to a PDF to preserve the PII security.

Download Entire Binder: To download a Binder, select the checkbox next to the Binder name and click "Download." All Documents in that Binder will be downloaded to your computer in a .ZIP file.

Download Entire Folder: To download a Folder, select the checkbox next to the Folder name and click "Download." All Documents in that Folder will be downloaded to your computer in a .ZIP file.

Download Single Document: Open the document, click on the "Manage" button, and select "Download" from the drop-down menu.


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